Our beginnings date back to 1982. The very name of the group, which we gave ourselves "COF - Club of Optimistic Folklorists" says that the group consists of dancers and musicians who, despite the number of "crosses" we wear, preserve Slovenian folk tradition with joy and happiness.

In our youth, we were all members of various student folklore groups from across Slovenia, where we fell in love with Slovenian folk dance to such an extent that it has become our way of life and we strive to preserve it for future generations.

We act in the public interest. We successfully present Slovenian folk dances both at home and abroad. We are “conquering” European countries through dance and singing, and we have also hopped across the ocean to Mexico, Brazil and Tahiti. Foreigners admire our national costumes. They are also very enthusiastic about our dance expressiveness. We have performances all over Slovenia, including homes for the elderly where we often bring back memories of their youth.

Today, the group consists of 57 dancers and 5 musicians. There might not be that bounce in our steps as they once were, but decades of dance experience are noticeable in every dance step.

Ahead of us is a big event, the 40th anniversary of the group, which will be marked with a gala concert in the Linhart Hall of Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana in October 2022.


Almira 1

»I like to go to folklore for the joy of dancing and singing, for socializing with other folklorists, chatting during breaks, massaging the shoulders of " tired" dancers. Mostly it’s a lot of fun and very tiring for the choreographer because we have to rehearse and repeat what we keep forgetting. It’s the age! But you have to take it all for granted and not worry. "Practice makes perfect!"«

Almira Maračić


»I have been drawn to folklore for as long as I know. It started back in elementary school. I loved the music and the variety of instruments. Singing that reminded me of moments with my grandmother and her relatives and friends. Different, but so very interesting and beautiful were the dresses that the folklorists wore! And of course dancing! The heart of my involvement in folklore groups. Later, all this enthusiasm was joined by the desire to preserve our culture and customs. Even after many years of learning and practicing, there is still the opportunity to spread and take our traditions to other countries. I have breathed and lived folklore for many years. Then it was time for motherhood and as a result I “stretched” a lot, but in my heart I was already counting down to the moment when I would be able to put on my dancing shoes again. COF is a great opportunity for me to return to the dance floor in the company of old acquaintances, as a former Marolt woman. At the same time, for me, the ideal way of self-care, where I can be myself again. A place where I revive my passion for dance and costume culture, relax and enjoy great company.

See you?«

Mojca Kolenko


»Even though I lead my folklore group in my hometown, I have wanted to join FS COF for some time. When I arrived, I immediately felt welcome. After rehearsals, I always go home in a good mood, despite the fact that I have to drive another hour or so. I joined FS COF because folk dancing, listening to the melody of ethno music and mastering dance steps helps me forget about everyday life and because I then feel alive. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you know or what you look like, it’s important that you enjoy what you love and are therefore in a good mood. And if it is in the company of friends, members of FS COF, who have a similar view, what could be better?«

Marjeta Preželj

Why I love COF

»COF allows me to dance, sing and socialize. All of these are important pebbles for a healthy and happy life.«

Andrej Demšar

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